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Essentials of Bash Scripting: Using Loops

An essential rule of system administration: If you need to do something often, try to write a script to do it for you. If you need to do something several times within a script, you'll need to be able to use loop statements to repeat something until done. With GNU Bash, you'll do this with for, while, and until statements.

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Level Up to IPv6 with Ubuntu 10.10 on Comcast

Comcast has started IPv6 trials. If Comcast is your ISP, you can get started using IPv6 on Linux right away, with just a few simple steps. Ready to join the next-generation network? We'll show you how to get Ubuntu 10.10 on Comcast IPv6 in no time.

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Use Evolution to Connect to Microsoft Exchange on Linux

If you're a Linux user in a Exchange environment, you don't have to give up Linux to communicate with your co-workers — just embrace Evolution. Using Evolution and the MAPI plugin, Linux users can connect to Microsoft Exchange with almost no trouble at all.

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Weekend Project: Get Started with Btrfs

The B-tree file system Btrfs is a next-generation filesystem for Linux, and although it is still undergoing rapid development, you can use it for day-to-day tasks. Even if you are not prepared to migrate your production servers over to Btrfs, you should take some time to explore what it can do. It offers significant time- and space-efficiency improvements over ext3/ext4 — not to mention considerably simpler volume management.

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Manage Google Services from the Command Line on Linux

I love Web services. I'm just not a fan of always having to use a browser as the interface for said services. Google's services have crept into my daily routine to the point that I'm using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs all the time. But I also like doing things from the command line, which is why I'm using GoogleCL to connect to Google services from the command line.

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