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openSUSE 12.1 Arrives: What's New and What Happened to 12.0?

The openSUSE Project has released openSUSE 12.1, eight months after 11.4 and the first release since SUSE officially became a subsidiary of Attachmate. With 12.1, openSUSE brings major improvements to openSUSE tools and users' favorite components like LibreOffice, DigiKam, GNOME 3.2, and a triumphant return of KDE 3!

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Managing Live and Offline Migrations with Linux's KVM

One of the best features of a using virtualization is being able to move guests between virtual machine hosts as needed. Using KVM, you can do that with a mouse click. (After a bit of setup...) Today we'll learn about doing live and offline migrations using KVM on Linux.

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Tuning Embedded Linux: When Less is More

There's a saying that you can never be too rich, or too thin. While that's a bit of hyperbole, thin is definitely in when it comes to embedded Linux. Luckily, trimming the fat off Linux for embedded use is a lot easier than getting rich or losing that spare tire. Intel's Darren Hart explained how he slimmed Linux down at the Embedded Linux Conference in October.

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Kids on Computers Grows Up

Most of the top contributors to open source projects had early access to computers as kids. But many kids live in communities where access to computers is not guaranteed. The Kids on Computers project is a non-profit using donated computers and Linux to provide access to disadvantaged kids.

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Nonlinear Writing on Linux with Storybook

Works of fiction come in all shapes and sizes, and I don't mean simply the format (book, short story, graphic novel). Some are action- or plot-driven, others are primarily internal, some are epic in scope, others stream-of-consciousness and barely involve a chronology at all. So when I heard about the release of a new version of Storybook, ostensibly a tool to help writers write fiction, I was curious as to precisely what sort of help it would offer. The answer is "keeping track of plot points when you have too many to juggle" — whether that is the kind of help you need depends largely on what you write, but even if your novel is ready for the page, this application puts some hurdles in your way.

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