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Screencasting Stars of the Linux World

Are you still taking screenshots? That is sooo last decade. Today if you want to showcase your application, your gaming skills, or even your astonishing new desktop wallpaper collection, you need a screen recorder (or screencasting tool) to capture full-motion video and audio of your desktop. You'll find several solid options, but which one works best for you depends a lot on the type of content you need to capture, and what you intend to do with it.

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Weekend Project: Keep Out Repeat Offenders with Fail2ban on Linux

Tired of automated attacks on your systems? Want to beef up security a bit by denying would-be attackers a third or fourth chance? Then you need Fail2ban. Fail2ban watches logs and then bans IP addresses, based on too many password failures, by updating the firewall rules. Specific rules can be defined by the user and multiple log files can be monitored. This weekend, let's get started on improving security with Fail2ban.

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The Five Best Linux Netbook Distributions: 2011 Edition

Though netbooks have waned a bit in favor of tablet devices, there's still a lot of demand for netbooks and netbook-friendly Linux distros in certain circles. Whether you're looking for a brand-new netbook or to keep an older device current, there's plenty of options for the Linux crowd. Let's take a look at the top five netbook Linux distros.

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Creating the Perfect Fluxbox Desktop on Linux

Fluxbox is a fast, lightweight, very customizable window manager for X. Fluxbox is a great choice for Linux users who favor speed and efficiency, and setting up their working environment just the way they like. Today we'll look at some super-saver speed tricks such as grouping applications with tabs, tear-off menus, sticky buttons, the infamous slit, and more.

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PCLinuxOS Review: What Does PCLinuxOS Have to Offer?

In the quest to find the perfect Linux distribution, we often hit an obstacle that makes the grass look greener on another distro's lawn. When we reach that point, the first instinct is to turn to another distribution and hope that something fresh will also be something better. This time around, I decided to see if PCLinuxOS was indeed greener.

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