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Review: Hands on LibreOffice 3.3

The Document Foundation released the first new version of its LibreOffice suite on January 25th, and it was far too tempting not to grab a copy and run it through its paces. And while there are a few new features of note, this is still pretty much, with all the attendant advantages and foibles.

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Weekend Project: Set Up a Fast and Lightweight Desktop with Fluxbox

Would you like a faster computer this weekend? We can't spot you the cash for a faster machine, but by embracing a faster and lighter desktop, you can enjoy a speedier computing experience on your Linux desktop. If you're ready to soup up your system, dive in and give Fluxbox a shot.

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The Five Best Open Source Calendar Servers for Linux

Finding Linux-based calendar clients, like Evolution or Mozilla Lightning, is easy — but what about the server-side software? You'll find some great calendar servers for Linux, if you know where to look. From light-weight to heavy duty, Cosmo to Darwin, we've picked five of the best open source calendar servers for Linux for you to try.

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Create Professional Videos on Linux with OpenShot

Open source has come a long, long way and video editing has not been left behind. You'll find a number of video editing tools on Linux, but none of them are both as user-friendly and create as high-quality video as OpenShot Video Editor.

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Weekend Project: Tackle Color Management on Linux

Do you see what I see? Maybe, if you have taken the time to tackle color management on your machine. The major desktop environments for Linux give 90 percent of users all the tools they need to see all of their images in device-independent accuracy. You don't even need to buy special hardware. This weekend, pull up a monitor and see what all the technicolor fuss is about.

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