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How to Set Up a Mail Server in Ubuntu or Debian

This tutorial will discuss how to set up a working mail server in Ubuntu or Debian. As we know, the two major protocols used in a mail server are SMTP and POP/IMAP. In this tutorial, postfix will be used for SMTP, while dovecot will be used for POP/IMAP. Both are...

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How to Check Internet Speed from the Command Line on Linux

When you are experiencing slow Internet access, you may want to test the Internet speed of your upstream ISP (often called "last mile" in the residential broadband networks) as part of troubleshooting. For that matter, is probably the most widely used broadband speed testing website. Underneath it, loads...

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How to Access Facebook from the Command Line on Linux

A today's Facebook page is composed of a mix of sophisticated dynamic content, constantly updated with your latest timeline, your friends' status updates, notifications, online chats, third-party advertisements tailored to your interest, and so on. While this complex mashup may be a result of careful design choices made by Facebook,...

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Using rsync to Synchronize a Local and Remote Directory

Recently I had moved my blog from WordPress to a custom python script that generates static HTML pages. After generating files I need to copy them to my web servers. While it is easy enough to FTP or SCP the files from my local machine to the remote web servers. I am looking for a little more elegant and automated solution. For that reason I have chosen to use the rsync command. 

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Using Bcache to Soup Up Your SATA Drives

How to get older, slower (and less costly) HDD drives writing data as if they were solid state drives using bcache.

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