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Create Firewall Configurations Easily with Gufw on Ubuntu

A firewall can be the single most important tool to manage the security of your Linux machine and network. You can write iptables rules yourself, or find a tool that takes some of the pain out of setting up a firewall. For those that need a strong, but simple solution, and happen to use Ubuntu, there's Gufw.

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Weekend Project: Creating Qt Interfaces with GIMP

Interface design for GUI applications is seldom easy in open source projects. There are a number of valid reasons: interface designers are scarce in comparison to developers, and usability testing isn't always possible the way it is for proprietary software shops,for example. But the tools don't always keep pace with the rest of the platform, either, which is part of why Qt's GIMP QML Exporter is so interesting. Rather than a stand-alone interface builder, it lets the developer design the interface directly in GIMP, and directly export it as usable code.

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IPv6 Crash Course For Linux

You might be used to working with IPv4 on Linux, but like it or not IPv6 is on its way in. Roll up your sleeves, spit on your palms, and get ready to go to work because this is your crash course in actually using IPv6. It hardly hurts at all. Linux has supported it since the 2.1 kernel, so you shouldn't have to install anything. Make sure you have the ping6, ip, and ifconfig commands.

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Professional Quality CAD on Linux with DraftSight

Many computer-aided design (CAD) users in the Linux community were thrilled recently with the beta release of DraftSight, a freeware (meaning zero-cost-but-proprietary) CAD package for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. DraftSight's creator, Dassault Systèmes, is a well-known CAD shop most famous for its Windows product SolidWorks. Although this new app is not open source, it is the first professional-level package available for free on Linux that can read and write the industry-standard .DWG file format. Free software CAD still has a long way to go, but for now DraftSight offers Linux users a rare glimmer of hope.

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Stopping Runaway Applications in Linux

With Linux comes great power — and great control. When you're running Linux, you have thousands of applications, utilities, and commands at your fingertips — and ultimate control over those applications as well. When they start, how they start, and (more importantly) how they stop. Let's take a look at some of the commands and utilities you have to master your Linux systems.

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