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Weekend Project: Find Hidden Treasures in XFCE 4.8

Xfce 4.8 is a major upgrade to the popular lightweight desktop environment. 4.8 was released in January 2011, replacing 4.6. Xfce 4.8 is available in Debian Testing, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal, Fedora 15, and probably other Linux distributions. There is more to Xfce than meets the eye; let's dig under the hood and uncover some of its hidden goodies.

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Manage Passwords, Encryption Keys, and More with Seahorse

You've got half a dozen passwords for work, encryption keys, and SSH keys — how do you keep them all straight? If you're on Linux, you have an excellent option in the form of Seahorse. It's easy to use, and you'll be able to tackle all your credentials with little effort.

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Adding Two-Factor Authentication To JOSSO

WiKID Systems recently partnered with Atricore, the makers of JOSSO an enterprise-class SSO application. Both two-factor authentication and single sign-on have historically been expensive and complex affairs. Atricore and WiKID have both been addressing these issues by releasing easy-to-use, open-source software. These efforts merged when...

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Hone Your Desktop Clipboards with Parcellite on Linux

If you're a normal desktop Linux user, it has probably been while since you thought about the X Window System. Modern distros let you configure your video card without ever touching xorg.conf, and by and large the window managers and GUI toolkits just work without getting in your way. But there is still one lingering pain point: the clipboard. Between most user apps, cut, copy and paste work without a hitch, but terminals, text editors like Emacs and Vim, and a few other stragglers refuse to cooperate. If that sounds familiar, consider checking out Parcellite.

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Using Firewall Builder Settings to Manage Firewalls

Last week we looked at managing rules in Firewall Builder. In the last installment of our series on Firewall Builder, I'll take a look at managing firewall settings with the Firewall Builder.

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