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Weekend Project: Piwik Supercharges Site Analytics with Open Source

The open source Web analytics program Piwik turned 1.0 in August, continuing its well-earned reputation as an easy-to-install, easy-to-use traffic monitoring solution. But if all you do is stick with the default options, you are not getting the full value that Piwik has to offer. This weekend, look into how you can extend Piwik's functionality to benefit your site.

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Of Forges and the Enterprise: Should Your Business Use External Project Hosting?

Thinking about starting a new open source project? Great! Thinking about hosting it yourself? Hold on there, sparky. Whether it's an individual project, or something your company is behind, I've got at least four good reasons you should start the project on an established hosting site instead.

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Intro to jEdit: A Programmer's Text Editor

Looking for a powerful, cross-platform, text editor? Look no farther than jEdit, a Java-based text editor specifically aimed at programmers but suitable for all types of users.

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Improve Your Linux Desktop Experience with a Dock

One of the best features of Linux is its flexibility, and nowhere is that more obvious than the desktop. Your Linux desktop can have the look and feel of any desktop environment you want. One reason for this flexibility is the ability to add and remove small applications to better the desktop experience, like desktop docks Cairo-Dock and Avant Window Navigator.

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Weekend Project: Record From Skype Calls and Other Apps on Linux

Everyone loves the convenience of Skype and other voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications, but the official tools still tend to focus on making simple one-to-one phone calls. One of the most common limitations mentioned is how difficult it is to record the digital audio stream on your computer. Podcasters, teams holding conference calls, and reporters doing interviews (among others) all need to record calls for later use. There are a few stand-alone tools built to work with specific applications, but with just a little additional time you can set up a system capable of recording audio from any application — Skype, various Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) clients, group chat tools, and many more.

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