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How to join a Ubuntu machine to a Windows domain

No matter how you try, sometimes you can't escape the clutches of Microsoft and Windows. You might have a fortress of Linux solitude at home, but unless you are one of the lucky ones working in a Linux-only environment, you are going to have to interact with Windows.

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Microsoft Exchange Alternatives for Linux


Looking for a Linux-friendly groupware suite that can take the place of Microsoft Exchange in your organization? You'll find a wide range of alternatives for Linux that offer most (if not all) of Exchange's functionality.

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Weekend Project: Cache Local DNS Queries

There are few additions to your network that will make as immediate of a performance boost as setting up a caching DNS server. Every computer on the local segment of your network makes hundreds -- if not thousands -- of DNS queries, and if you forward each one of them to a server on the other side of your WAN pipe, you are just throwing away bandwidth. Not only is caching DNS services simple to set up, you even have multiple options for doing so under Linux.

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Tutorial: Using ALSA to Control Linux Audio

ALSA has been the default Linux sound system for many years, and it is a perfectly capable audio subsystem even in this modern era of fancy new things. Carla Schroder shows us how to to control Linux audio with ALSA.

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Linuxables: Meet Kate, the KDE Text Editor

We conclude our whimsical jaunt down text editor lane with a look at the KDE take on that always-necessary tool - the text editor. The KDE version is called Kate. Kate takes a different approach to the simplicity most of these tools take....

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