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Creating the Perfect Fluxbox Desktop on Linux

Fluxbox is a fast, lightweight, very customizable window manager for X. Fluxbox is a great choice for Linux users who favor speed and efficiency, and setting up their working environment just the way they like. Today we'll look at some super-saver speed tricks such as grouping applications with tabs, tear-off menus, sticky buttons, the infamous slit, and more.

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PCLinuxOS Review: What Does PCLinuxOS Have to Offer?

In the quest to find the perfect Linux distribution, we often hit an obstacle that makes the grass look greener on another distro's lawn. When we reach that point, the first instinct is to turn to another distribution and hope that something fresh will also be something better. This time around, I decided to see if PCLinuxOS was indeed greener.

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Weekend Project: Add Conversations and Calendaring to Thunderbird

Thunderbird got a big boost recently with the news that Ubuntu will be using it as the default mail client in Ubuntu 11.10. If you're getting ready to switch to Thunderbird, or just want to spruce it up a bit, here's a few extensions that will make Thunderbird 5 even more useful.

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What's New in WordPress 3.2? Better, Faster, Stronger

While many of us were barbecuing and blowing things up, the WordPress folks were putting the finishing touches on WordPress 3.2. On July 4, the "faster and lighter," WordPress 3.2 was released with some features well worth checking out.

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PiTiVi Video Editor Now Kitten-Friendly

PiTiVi is a GStreamer-based non-linear video editor (NLE) developed by members of the GStreamer project itself. That means it is often the first project to showcase new features, and last month's new release is no exception. The major new feature is support for audio and video filter "effects" but there are usability and speed improvements worth examining, too.

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