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How to Manage Application Launchers in Enlightenment on Bodhi Linux

Enlightenment is not your ordinary drag and drop interface. In fact, just getting launchers onto a shelf (Enlightenment's “panel”) can be a task... unless you know the process.

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Mount Samba Shares with SpaceFM

We will be targeting Arch Linux for the procedure. 

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How to Build an Arduino Pest Repeller on Linux (Part 1)

Learn how to build an Arduino gadget that plays motion-activated sounds to scare off pests.

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How to Manage Your Music Library from the Command Line on Linux

The command line in Linux is probably one of the scariest experience for a newcomer there is. I remember spending hours back in the day trying to decode an error message in my terminal. However, it was completely worth it. If I had to pick only one reason for a...

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How to Install Xubuntu Extra Lite on Ubuntu 14.04

Emery Fletcher describes a way to fine-tune the desktop you install on top of Ubuntu.

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