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Weekend Project: Record From Skype Calls and Other Apps on Linux

Everyone loves the convenience of Skype and other voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications, but the official tools still tend to focus on making simple one-to-one phone calls. One of the most common limitations mentioned is how difficult it is to record the digital audio stream on your computer. Podcasters, teams holding conference calls, and reporters doing interviews (among others) all need to record calls for later use. There are a few stand-alone tools built to work with specific applications, but with just a little additional time you can set up a system capable of recording audio from any application — Skype, various Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) clients, group chat tools, and many more.

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Ubuntu 10.10 Preview: Steady Progress for Maverick

Maverick Meerkat, the next release of Ubuntu and its official derivatives, is scheduled to hit the Internet in two weeks' time. When it does, users will find a more polished release that continues Canonical's five-year trend of providing steady incremental improvements. Ubuntu continues to make small usability changes that push each desktop experience slightly forward without tripping up users, but all most people will notice is a faster, more stable Linux distribution.

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Fedora 14 Preview: What's New in Fedora 14?

Fedora 14 is on track for a final release date of November 02, 2010. If all 14 does is improve upon 13, Fedora will have another winner on its hands. Why? Fedora 13 was one of the strongest releases the Red Hat sandbox has had in a while. And with what Fedora 14 has under and above its hood, the next release should up the ante yet again for the Fedora distribution.

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Weekend Project: Set Up a TFTP Server on Linux

Most users are familiar with FTP, but if you want to kickstart Red Hat installs, PXE boot systems, auto-provision VoIP phones or unbrick a Linux-based router, you want a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server. Setting one up on Linux is easy, and a perfect project to take on over the weekend.

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Simplify Computerized Testing with Open Source Education Tool iTest

In the classroom, testing can be a test of an instructors patience, organizational skills, time management, and more. With schools (and students) placing more demands to modernize the way educational institutions work, computerized examinations are looking more and more sensible. You'll find plenty of tools to assist computerized exams, but few that are open source and cross-platform. Teachers on the hunt for computer exams should start by looking at iTest.

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