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Linuxables: Choosing Your Text Editor

Text editors on Linux. Few things conjure up more images and memories of heated flame wars.

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Weekend Project: Spring Clean your Photo Collection

In May we provided a step-by-step guide to organizing your digital audio library. readers pointed out that photo collections can be a mess too. This weekend, why not sift through the clutter and whip the entire digital photo collection in top shape before you bring home a full memory card from the holiday cookout?

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Tell Your Story with Celtx

Want to write your story, create a screenplay, block out a storyboard, or create a comic? Put down the text editor, and pick up Celtx. Based on Firefox, Celtx is an all-in-one tool for media pre-production.

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Easy Linux backups with Lucky Backup

You'd like to think Linux means total data stability, but sometimes hardware fails or updates go awry. Jack Wallen gives the rundown on Lucky Backup for managing backups on Linux the easy way.

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Weekend Project: Replacing Google Reader with Tiny Tiny RSS

If you are like a lot of Linux users, you get more and more of your information through RSS and Atom feeds: news sites, friends' blogs, projects' Planet feeds, automatic content delivered from search engines, and so on.

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