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Samba Configuration with Webmin

You may have read my recent article "Easy Samba Setup," which illustrated just how easy it can be to set up the Samba file and print server. Yes, that task can be easy, but the method I outlined does require you to take advantage of the command line. There are a lot of users who shy away from the command line as if it were the plague. For those users there are options. One of those options is the Samba tool from the Gadmin suite of tools.

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Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage Server With GlusterFS On Mandriva 2010.0

Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage...
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Tip: Enhance Your Linux Terminal With Bashish

Bashish is a theme engine for the Linux terminal, so you can make your console more readable, easier on the eyes, and give useful visual cues. Juliet Kemp shows how to customize your terminal with Bashish.
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Ncat: The Network Swiss Army Knife

You may already be familiar with the cat utility, which can send files to standard input and output. Ncat does something similar, except it's for sending data over the network or accepting data to a local machine. In the right hands, ncat can be an extremely useful tool for system administration and troubleshooting.

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Becoming a "Linux Security Artist"

After forty years in the commercial computing business, the one idea that has been drilled into me by security professionals is the fact that there is no such thing as a secure computer system, only levels of insecurity...

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