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Simplify Computerized Testing with Open Source Education Tool iTest

In the classroom, testing can be a test of an instructors patience, organizational skills, time management, and more. With schools (and students) placing more demands to modernize the way educational institutions work, computerized examinations are looking more and more sensible. You'll find plenty of tools to assist computerized exams, but few that are open source and cross-platform. Teachers on the hunt for computer exams should start by looking at iTest.

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Open Hardware: What's It All About?

Open source, open licensing, free redistribution, collaborative, and community-based development – many hands make light work. They've done wonders for Linux, but can these concepts apply to hardware as well as software?

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Weekend Project: Create a Live USB Key Linux Distribution

Until world domination is complete, you simply cannot count on Linux being available everywhere you travel.

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How to Compile the Linux Kernel

Compiling the Linux kernel used to be a rite of passage, or just a necessity, for running Linux. It's not something most users need to do any more, but if you really want to compile your own kernel we'll show you how.

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Install XOOPS for Powerful Open Source Content Management

Content is king. It always has been and always will be. It drives our businesses and motivates our customers. But when you think content management, so many tools come to mind. There's Drupal and Joomla! for starters. Both of those tools are outstanding solutions for content management. But many organizations are projects are choosing XOOPS.

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