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Benchmarking the ODroid XU: A Fast-Clocked Quad A15 ARM Machine

The ODroid-XU contains 8 CPU cores in a big.LITTLE configuration where four of the cores are active at any time. The Single Board Computer comes with 2Gb of RAM, USB 3, a microHDMI connector able to output 1080p, 10/100 network connectivity, a microSD slot, and the ability to connect up to 64Gb of eMMC flash memory to the system.

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How to Access Twitter from the Command Line on Linux

There is no shortage of Twitter clients available, differing in terms of features, operating system support, interface, mobile capabilities, etc. If you are one of those command line junkies, there is one for you as well. A single-letter tool called "t" is a command-line Twitter client written in Ruby. Despite...

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Troubleshooting in the Command Line: Tips for Linux Beginners

How to deal with runaway processes and misbehaving graphical applications.

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How to Start a Program Automatically in Linux Desktop

Sometimes you may want to launch a program automatically when you log in to your Linux desktop. Such start-up programs can conduct system-wide configuration (e.g., auto proxy) or user-specific desktop customization (e.g., Conky), at the time you log in to your desktop. Most Linux desktop environments have its own GUI...

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How to Open a Large Text File on Linux

In the era of "big data", large text files (GB or more) could be commonly encountered around us. Suppose you somehow need to search and edit one of those big text files by hand. Or you could be analyzing multi-GB log files manually for specific troubleshooting purposes. A typical text...

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