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Ncat: The Network Swiss Army Knife

You may already be familiar with the cat utility, which can send files to standard input and output. Ncat does something similar, except it's for sending data over the network or accepting data to a local machine. In the right hands, ncat can be an extremely useful tool for system administration and troubleshooting.

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Becoming a "Linux Security Artist"

After forty years in the commercial computing business, the one idea that has been drilled into me by security professionals is the fact that there is no such thing as a secure computer system, only levels of insecurity...

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Installing Nagios: An Enterprise-Worthy Network Monitor

In the enterprise environment, there are certain tools that are a necessity for administrators. One such tool is the network monitor. In the close-source, proprietary world you will find plenty of tools to handle this task: Packettrap, GFI Max, Spiceworks. In the open source world - not so much. But there is one particular tool that does monitor networks and does an outstanding job of it. That tool? Nagios.

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How To Easily Migrate A PostgreSQL Server With Minimal Downtime

How To Easily Migrate A PostgreSQL Server With Minimal Downtime PostgreSQL is a great database server, but when your dataset is rather large, migrating a server by using pg_dump can be a rather long process. In this tutorial we will discuss a way to migrate a entire server with...
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Help! Finding Community Linux Support

You've installed Linux, things are looking great, but you've run into a snag and need a little helping hand. You're in good hands. The community is here to help, if you know where to look. Once you do, you'll find that community resources are every bit as good as the commercial counterparts for Linux support.

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