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Linux Distro Review: Mandriva Spring 2010.1

Mandriva 2010.1 "Spring" edition has arrived just in time for the summer months. It's a bit tardy, but worth the wait. Despite the company's well-publicized financial woes, Mandriva has delivered a solid and user-friendly desktop release.

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Weekend Project: Configuring QoS for Linux Routers, Gateways

Bandwidth is a limited resource, even if you are on a high-end, state-of-the-art fiber optic network. Because of the way TCP works, some types of application can rapidly fill up even the biggest pipe, which has the unfortunate side effect of harming other, less bandwidth-intensive applications. Seeding a Bittorrent for the just-released OpenSUSE update is a noble use of your network, but if it makes VoIP calls impossible to hear or stalls out an SSH session, it's hardly worth it. Fortunately, if your router or gateway is running Linux, you can easily set up quality-of-service (QoS) traffic-shaping rules to ensure that all of your packets play nice together.

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Linuxables: Your First Steps with Linux vi

I want to preface this article by saying, very simply, if you are a programmer, a hard-core vi fan, someone looking to figure out how to make more efficient your vi macros, Linus Torvalds, or Richard M. Stallman - turn away now. Avert your eyes! If you do not, the introductory-level information you will receive here might very well steal, burn, or otherwise permanently damage your soul.

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Edit the Windows Registry from a Linux Thumb Drive

Add Registry repair and editing to the list of Windows repairs you can make with a live Linux system, even if you can't boot into Windows. An Ubuntu Forums member shows how to make specific registry tweaks and fixes from inside Ubuntu....

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Weekend Project: Set Up Webfinger on Your Server(s)

Webfinger is a new Internet "identity discovery" mechanism, with which you can make personal or professional information about you or your organization discoverable through email addresses. Several well-known web service providers have implemented Webfinger for their customers' profiles, but if you manage your own mail server, all it takes to join the game is a little time.

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