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Easy Samba Setup

If you are either a power home user or you are in a business environment, you know the importance of machines being able to see one another. Recently I did an article about this very topic ("Sharing Files  & Folders Between Linux, Mac, and Windows") which skimmed this topic, showing how simple it is to allow these different operating systems to see one another - with the help of Samba. But that article didn't dig too deeply into Samba itself. That article was more of a "let's see how we can do this quickly and easily" tutorial.

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Learning GNU Text Utilities

A few weeks ago we looked at some of the GNU utilities that you can use to work with files, check MD5/SHA1 sums and check your disk usage. This time around I want to cover some of the utilities that you'll use for working with text files.

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Virtualization With KVM On A Fedora 12 Server

Virtualization With KVM On A Fedora 12 Se...
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Sharing Files & Folders Between Linux, Mac and Windows

In today's world of business computing, systems must be able to communicate and interact with one another. During its years of immaturity, Linux had a very difficult time with this. And it seemed every time Linux developers made strides in getting Linux to communicate with another system, the developers of said system would change something to break that connectivity.

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Virtualization With KVM On A Mandriva 2010.0 Server

Virtualization With KVM On A Mandriva 2...
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