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Tutorial: Linux Multi-Distro Package Manager Cheatsheet

Linux is blessed with several different package managers, so using a different distribution often means learning a different way to install, update, and remove software. Use Juliet Kemp's handy package manager cheatsheet to get going with a minimum of fuss.

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Installing the Enterprise-Ready Network Monitor Zenoss

I recently wrote about Nagios, an enterprise-worthy network monitor. For many, Nagios is all they need: It's powerful, flexible, and very reliable. However, for system administrators working with larger networks and who need auto-detection of devices, Zenoss shines as a serious enterprise-ready solution for any size network.

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Introduction to Puppet: Streamlined System Configuration

If you have one Linux system to administer, you need a good working knowledge of scripting, command line utilities, and a trusty text editor. If you have two or more, it may be time to add Puppet to that list.

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Linuxables: Choosing Your Text Editor

Text editors on Linux. Few things conjure up more images and memories of heated flame wars.

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Weekend Project: Spring Clean your Photo Collection

In May we provided a step-by-step guide to organizing your digital audio library. readers pointed out that photo collections can be a mess too. This weekend, why not sift through the clutter and whip the entire digital photo collection in top shape before you bring home a full memory card from the holiday cookout?

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