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Installing Nagios On Debian Lenny And Monitoring A Debian Lenny Server

Nagios is a monitoring solution for complex IT infrastructures, Nagios is easy to implement and can be extended by custom-modules, called plugins. In this howto I explain howto install Nagios on a Debian Lenny host and make the configuration...

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How to Install Open-Xchange on Debian Linux

Since its beginnings as a Microsoft Exchange alternative for small- to medium-sized businessed, the Open-Xchange collaboration suite has stretched a bit beyond just a messaging solution. The flagship product, Open-Xchange Server, is regarded as a full collaborative platform, particularly with the addition of the Infostore document sharing module. Here's how to install Open-Xchange Server to start on the way to replacing Exchange.

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Writers Rejoice: First Look at Scrivener for Linux

Scrivener is a tool for outlining, storyboarding, writing, and editing longer-form writing — think books, lengthy reports, movie scripts, and so on. Scrivener started as an app for Mac OS X, but there's been a steady stream of users who've asked the company to produce a Windows and/or Linux version. Turns out, the company has been listening and is working on a beta for Linux and it's looking pretty good.

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An Early Look at GNOME 3.0

GNOME 3, the first major-version revision of the popular desktop environment in eight years, is slated for release in April. The good news is that you can now easily take the new release for a test spin with a spare USB key, and provide some real-world feedback to the project before the final code gets released into the wild.

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Using OpenFire for Realtime Collaboration on Linux

Offering real-time collaboration tools within a company is becoming a must-have if a company is serious about getting their employees to work as efficiently as possible. Having the ability to instant message fellow employees cuts time down by making communication more efficient. Instead of picking up the phone or walking to someone's office, all that is necessary is to send a message. Don't want to rely on a public service? Check out OpenFire.

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