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Foil Firesheep and other Nuisances on Linux

You've probably heard a lot about Firesheep, the Firefox extension that exposes user credentials and allows almost anyone to take over an account on Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites with a few clicks. But what do you do to defeat it? Read on, and you'll be able to foil Firesheep in no time.

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Creating Custom Styles and Formatting in and LibreOffice

If you are a user of or LibreOffice you might be familiar with styles and formatting. These are pre-defined text formats that you can select from in order to change various aspects of your text. With both and LibreOffice you have the ability to create custom styles and formats that can be used, and re-used, easily. And best of all, this is all done without a single bit of scripting or coding. Thanks to the Styles and Formatting tool, you can become a LibreOffice power-user in no time.

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Weekend Project: Linux Filesystem Tune-up

If the thought of getting up at 3AM on "Black Friday" and dragging yourself across town to stand in line for sales doesn't fill you with the holiday spirit, why not spend your weekend doing something more meaningful, like cleaning up your Linux filesystems? To be sure, a modern Linux file server probably isn't in need of being torn down and rebuilt, but if you're like a lot of us, you partitioned those disks several releases ago with lofty intentions of leveraging extents, delayed allocation, B+ trees, and all sorts of other advanced features, only to let them languish at their default settings instead. Well, the time to tune the filesystem is now: grab a storage medium, a terminal, and optionally a turkey leg, and let's get to work.

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Attack of the Backup: Clonezilla Linux Rampages Over Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and backups are the "eat your vegetables" of the IT world. Most folks just don't get excited about backups, or do it often enough. Buck the trend with Clonezilla, a Linux distribution that makes it dead easy to clone and restore systems.

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Zenmap Tutorial: Audit Your Networks using Nmap GUI

Network administrators have many tasks, and auditing the network is at the top of the heap. This isn't a problem if you have a small network. But what happens when that network outgrows your ability to simply walk around and manually make note of what is up/down, what OS a device is running, or what ports are open? When this happens you need to make use of one of the de facto standard open source network auditing tools — Zenmap.

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