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Ubuntu One Music Store: iTunes for Linux

The Ubuntu 10.4 release marks a number of large improvements and features. One such feature is the addition of the Ubuntu One Music Store - the iTunes for Linux. Of course this is Linux, so it does iTunes one better.

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The Perfect Desktop - PCLinuxOS 2010 (KDE)

The Perfect Desktop - PCLinuxOS 2010: This Tutorial shows how...
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View, Control, Instruct with iTalc

If you work in an educational or training environment where you instruct users on the ins and outs of using computers, or you need to be able to (for whatever reason) control the PC user's use of a machine, the tools available are often quite expensive or quite difficult to use. Neither is the case in the Linux environment, where tools like iTalc are available.

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Improving Your WordPress Blog: Five Essential Plugins


In this guide, we'll look at five plugins that will help protect your blog from spam and malware, simplify keeping backups, and even help you make a little cash off your blog if you're so inclined.

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Tutorial: Controlling Your Linux System With fstab

The /etc/fstab file gives you control over what filesystems are mounted at startup on your Linux system, including Windows partitions and network shares. You can also use it to control the mount points of removable storage devices like USB sticks and external hard disks. Akkana Peck shows us how.
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