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Sharing Files & Folders Between Linux, Mac and Windows

In today's world of business computing, systems must be able to communicate and interact with one another. During its years of immaturity, Linux had a very difficult time with this. And it seemed every time Linux developers made strides in getting Linux to communicate with another system, the developers of said system would change something to break that connectivity.

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Virtualization With KVM On A Mandriva 2010.0 Server

Virtualization With KVM On A Mandriva 2...
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Tutorial: Using Ubuntu Linux to Rescue Windows

What's the best tool for rescuing a broken Windows system? Linux. Eric Geier shows how to rescue your Windows data using Ubuntu Linux, without having to install it to your hard drive.
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How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On OpenSUSE 11.2

How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Ope...
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Tutorial: Mastering Redirection in BASH on Linux

Linux's BASH shell has several ways to redirect inputs and outputs, which has a multitude of uses in server administration, and desktop search and admininstration. Juliet Kemp guides us through the finer points of these powerful BASH features.
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