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How To Switch Permalink Structure In WordPress Under Ubuntu

 How To Switch Permalink Structure In Wor...
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Linux Installation Choices

Linux Installation Types & Choices

One of the advantages of an open source environment like Linux is the myriad number of personalities involved in its development, future, and feature-inventory. When the available choices do not meet the needs of one person, he/she can create an alternative methodology, test it, and then offer it to the community for their use or not. Installation choices for Linux is no different: there are many different ways to install, create, run, and remove a Linux installation – far more than either Windows or OSX.

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How to Learn about Linux

How to Learn about Linux

Gaining knowledge on the popular UNIX version

While it may seem odd to read an article on “how to learn about” something, as both an academic and technical trainer for over 25 years, I have discovered that many technologists often do not have a plan for how to increase their knowledge and experience in a technical discipline as vast and varied as the Linux operation system (OS). This article will suggest a methodology for a systematic approach to studying the Linux OS in order to provide some order over the simplified search engine approach of  “search, link, read, re-search, link, save” taken by many beginning students of any technical discipline.

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Installing Cherokee With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Ubuntu 9.10

Installing Cherokee With PHP5 And MySQL...

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7 of the Best Free Linux Document Processors

A document processor is a document preparation system. Unlike a word processor, this type of application leads the author to concentrate on the structure of the document rather than its appearance. The author therefore focuses on what he/she wants to say, instead of fretting over page borders, font attributes, or formatting. Moreover, the author will be guided in the organisation, structure, and flow within the document.

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