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The Top Five Open Source Navigation Apps

Web browsers and messaging tools may grab the bulk of mobile software headlines, but navigation and routing apps are arguably more important — after all, they tend to be among the biggest data consumers, and a bad one can leave you seriously lost. Unfortunately, the default mapping apps on most mobile devices — even Linux-based phones — are usually proprietary and rely on commercially-licensed maps. If you care about software freedom and open data, here's a guide to the best mapping and navigation apps for handhelds.

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Install and Configure Packetfence on Ubuntu Linux

Packetfence is one of the most powerful network access control applications available. With this tool you can control who (what, and when) has access to your network. If you are concerned about network security, and you want the absolute most control, Packetfence is what you need.

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Weekend Project: Set Up Safe Guest Wi-Fi with Linux

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means: relatives coming over wanting to use your WiFi. If you'd like to find a solution somewhere between "run an open, unsecured AP" and "hand out your WPA2 password to people who write things like that down on sticky notes" then setting up a captive portal is a convenient option.

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Managing Templates in LibreOffice

Templates are a way to manage frequently used, pre-formatted documents that keep you from having to re-create the same forms over and over. and its successor LibreOffice have a built-in system for handling templates. At first blush this system may seem less than intuitive, because it is. But, after you are used to managing templates in LibreOffice, you will wonder what you did without them.

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Understanding the Stable Linux Kernel

Will we have a new kernel by Christmas? I remember wondering that back in 1998 when 2.2 was on the horizon. Things have changed quite a bit since then in kernel development, and with Greg Kroah-Hartman's announcement last week about changes in the stable kernel release procedure, it's a good time to look at how the stable tree works.

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