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Tip: 5 Easy Steps to a Remote Linux Desktop

Juliet Kemp shows us how set up a remote graphical Linux desktop in five steps, using Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

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Create Impressive Flow Charts with Kivio

Recently you might have read my article "Create flow charts with Dia," which introduced you to the world of the Dia diagramming tool. For those readers that are appose to the GIMP-like interface of Dia and are looking for an interface more closely resembling that of Microsoft Visio, you're in luck. Included with the KDE KOffice toolset is a flow chart/diagramming tool called Kivio that allows you to create impressive flow charts and has an interface that many users will find more user-friendly than that of Dia. But no matter your preference, both tools do an outstanding job of creating flow charts - they just approach the task a bit differently.

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Installation Of ZendOptimizer And IonCubeLoader Using Lighttpd On CentOS

Installation Of ZendOptimizer And IonCub...
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Fully Utilizing Your X-Core CPU

Fully Utilizing Your X-Core CPU...
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Tutorial: Automated Linux Server Backup Tips and Tricks

This tutorial walks us step-by-step through creating a custom server backup script with some nifty features like bandwith throttling to avoid bogging down the server being backed up, how to exclude files, and how to synchronize deleted files.
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