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7 of the Best Free Linux Document Processors

A document processor is a document preparation system. Unlike a word processor, this type of application leads the author to concentrate on the structure of the document rather than its appearance. The author therefore focuses on what he/she wants to say, instead of fretting over page borders, font attributes, or formatting. Moreover, the author will be guided in the organisation, structure, and flow within the document.

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Installing Lighttpd With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Mandriva 2010.0

Installing Lighttpd With PHP5 And MySQL...
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How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Ubuntu 9.10

How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Ubun...
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Taking Command of the Terminal with GNU Screen

GNU Screen is one of the most useful utilities you can have at your disposal if you spend any time at all working at the command line. Screen allows you to manage multiple shell sessions from one terminal window or console, view multiple shell sessions at the same time, and even log into the same session from more than one location at a time.

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