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How to Monitor Root Logins with GoogleTalk

Sometimes you just want to know who is doing what. Like, for instance, if someone logs in as root on one of your systems... and it isn't you.

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Custom Toolbar Buttons for Thunderbird

If you watched the video and wondered what the JavaScript code was for my "Move Junk" button in Thunderbird, then read on.
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A Little Virtual Machine Recreation

It's time for a little VM recreation and you don't even have to get sweaty in the process.
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Tech Tip: Use History Expansion To Save Time and Typing

Most shells maintain a history of the commands that you've typed and that history can be used to save time and typing.

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Fixing Strange and Peculiar Filenames in Linux

Sometimes it's the little things that trip us up, like a filename that begins with the wrong character. Juliet Kemp knows what to do when Linux becomes confused and won't operate on a file the way we want it to.
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