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Tell Your Story with Celtx

Want to write your story, create a screenplay, block out a storyboard, or create a comic? Put down the text editor, and pick up Celtx. Based on Firefox, Celtx is an all-in-one tool for media pre-production.

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Easy Linux backups with Lucky Backup

You'd like to think Linux means total data stability, but sometimes hardware fails or updates go awry. Jack Wallen gives the rundown on Lucky Backup for managing backups on Linux the easy way.

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Weekend Project: Replacing Google Reader with Tiny Tiny RSS

If you are like a lot of Linux users, you get more and more of your information through RSS and Atom feeds: news sites, friends' blogs, projects' Planet feeds, automatic content delivered from search engines, and so on.

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Finding Evernote Replacements for Linux

One of the applications many users ask about when migrating to Linux is Evernote. While the folks at Evernote haven't created a Linux port, you'll find plenty of apps for note taking, organization, and wrangling important personal and business documents.

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5 Useful Google Command Line Tricks

Last week, Google rolled out a fun new feature that lets users interact with Google Apps via command line. Naturally, our friends at LifeHacker geeked out with it over the weekend and found these 5 handy GoogleCL tricks.

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