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How to Set Up a Secure Apache Webserver on Ubuntu

This tutorial assumes that you have a running Ubuntu Server, that networking has been set up, and that you have ssh access. Apache2 is the default webserver used by many Linux installations. It is not the only one available, or the best for all circumstances, but it covers many usage...

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How to Remote Control Your Camera with Darktable on Linux

Use Darktable for tethered and time-lapse photography.

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Install Virtualbox 4.3 on Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora

VirtualBox VirtualBox is a free virtualisation software for x86 based systems and is available for most of the popular OSes like linux, mac and windows. It runs on a host system and supports running other OSes as guest. It earlier belonged to Sun and now to Oracle. At the time of this post, virtualbox 4.3.2 is the latest version and was released in Nov-2013. To learn about what is new in this version, check the Change Log. Install virtualbox on Ubuntu from oracle repository Oracle provides debian compatible...

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How to Bulletproof Linux for Mad Experimentation

How to partition your Linux system to make it safe for wild distro-hopping experimentation.

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How to Install and Configure Cacti on Linux

Any system admin working in a service provider network would certainly agree that Cacti is one of the most widely used tools in network management solutions. It is open source, has built in user authentications and user permission features, shipped with frequently used graph templates like bandwidth, 95th percentile, hard...

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