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Stumbling and Sniffing Wireless Networks in Linux, Part 3

In this third and final installment of how to survey the airwaves with Linux tools, Eric Geier shows us more tools for network surveying and discovery, deep snooping, and intrusion detection and alerting.
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PiSi Packaging

Well, I wrote some news about Pardus Linux but now I want to write about its technology.

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Installing Apache2 With PHP5 And MySQL Support On Fedora 11 (LAMP)

This tutorial shows how you can install an Apache2 webserver on a Fedora 11 server with PHP5 support (mod_php) and MySQL support.
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Linux Remote Networking Over the Internet (Part 3)

Remote Linux PC access over the Internet requires extra security precautions. Today we lock down the OpenSSH server more tightly, get through a firewall without opening the LAN to the world, and decide if we want password authentication or certificate authentication.
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Beginner's Guide to Linux Desktops Backups: Basic Strategies and Tools

We regular computer users depend so much on digital documents that it would be crazy not to make our best to make sure that we will never lose them, no matter what happens.

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