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Vim 301: Getting Adept at Vim

This time around, I'd like to look at some more advanced features and demonstrate briefly how to set up a Vim configuration file, and to get to the shell and use external commands from within Vim.

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Intro to Slackware Package Management

Many people have read about how loyal the Slackware Linux user base is and at the same time you have most likely also heard some people saying that package management doesn't exist in Slackware. In fact it is because of the Slackware method of package management that so many users stay loyal. In this article I will explain what makes package management in Slackware special, explain methods of package management and give some quick scripts and information to accent your current understanding of the subject

I highly recommend for new users, experienced users and those that enjoy learning news thing to continue reading.

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How to Monitor Root Logins with GoogleTalk

Sometimes you just want to know who is doing what. Like, for instance, if someone logs in as root on one of your systems... and it isn't you.

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Custom Toolbar Buttons for Thunderbird

If you watched the video and wondered what the JavaScript code was for my "Move Junk" button in Thunderbird, then read on.
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A Little Virtual Machine Recreation

It's time for a little VM recreation and you don't even have to get sweaty in the process.
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