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6 of the Best Free Linux Disk Cloning Software

One of the key responsibilities of a system administrator is to ensure the safety of an organisation\'s computer data. This is a critical task for any organisation, given that the loss of important data could have profound implications on its future prosperity.

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Tutorial: Make Your Personal Linux Cloud With Tonido

If the concept of cloud storage and applications is appealing, but not the idea of handing control of your data over to someone else, then why not set up your own little cloud? Dmitri Popov shows us how with Tonido.
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Creating MySQL Backups With AutoMySQLBackup On Ubuntu 9.10

Creating MySQL Backups With AutoMySQLBa...
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How To Switch Permalink Structure In WordPress Under Ubuntu

 How To Switch Permalink Structure In Wor...
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Linux Installation Choices

Linux Installation Types & Choices

One of the advantages of an open source environment like Linux is the myriad number of personalities involved in its development, future, and feature-inventory. When the available choices do not meet the needs of one person, he/she can create an alternative methodology, test it, and then offer it to the community for their use or not. Installation choices for Linux is no different: there are many different ways to install, create, run, and remove a Linux installation – far more than either Windows or OSX.

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