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Fixing Strange and Peculiar Filenames in Linux

Sometimes it's the little things that trip us up, like a filename that begins with the wrong character. Juliet Kemp knows what to do when Linux becomes confused and won't operate on a file the way we want it to.
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Expanding A Root-FS

There might be the situation, that your root filesystem runs out of space, so it has to be expanded.

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Vim 201: An Intermediate Guide to Vim

Ready to boost your Vim skills? Many use Vim, but don't make use of nearly all the features. In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the intermediate features offered by Vim, including abbreviations, word completion, and editing multiple documents in the same Vim session.

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With Windows 7, Only Half of Samba Stops Working

Bringing Windows 7 clients into your Linux network is exactly what the fine Samba server is made for. But every Windows release comes with new interop roadblocks, and Windows 7 is no exception.
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Configuring Strong Wi-fi (802.1x) Authentication in Linux

Setting up proper wireless encryption is easier than ever on Linux. WEP is broken and has been for a long time, but WPA and WPA2 are still going strong.

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