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Preparing An Ubuntu Machine For Upgrade

The Debian / Ubuntu upgrade mechanism is a wonderful piece of software. When the new release comes out, just follow the instructions given by the update manager and the upgrade will be done almost automatically.
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Stumbling and Sniffing Wireless Networks in Linux, Part 2

In Part 1 we learned some basic network sniffing and stumbling with SWScanner on Linux. Today Eric Geiers shows us some more excellent network discovery and probing utilities: KwifiManager, tcpdump, and Wireshark.

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Evolving A Database With MySQL

This tutorial explains how to "grow" your own database definition in a way that is maintainable, by using so-called "recreate" scripts. These scripts can be used to both create a database from scratch and update an existing database..
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Many Ways to Use Remote Desktop (X11VNC)

There are many ways to get into a computer by using remote desktop. Some examples include: ssh, VNC, RDP, XDMCP, ICA, X11VNC, etc.

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More Linux Remote Networking Tips and Tricks (Part 2)

In part 1 we learned some neat tricks using OpenSSH and SSHFS for fast remote logins and file sharing. Today in Part 2 we learn how easy it is to configure OpenSSH to use secure public key authentication instead of a password login.
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