If Novell Gets Bought, Will Red Hat Follow?

Novell's proposed acquisition will likely drive Red Hat into the arms of VMware or Oracle, but will have minimal impact on the larger open-source commercial ecosystem.
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Is Apple Launching a Patent War?

Apple's recent lawsuit against handset maker HTC could be the beginning as the company marks its turf in the smartphone market.
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Durbin to Introduce Internet Freedom Bill

Senate leader blasts tech industry for bowing to pressure from foreign governments to censor Internet content, pledges to introduce legislation to impose civil or criminal penalties on complicit tech companies.
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FCC to Call for Government Data Overhaul

FCC official details broadband plan recommendations to drive civic engagement, including free online access to government documents such as court records, and a concerted push toward social media.
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How Sun's Need to Control the Code Cost Them the Company

Jeremy Allison looks back at the demise of Sun Microsystems on ZDNet. "The Solaris operating system, the Java language and virtual machine, the OpenOffice office suite - all of the really large software projects that Sun released - had string...
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