Interview: What Matters to Open Source: Licensing or Community?

Open source is defined by licenses, but that's not the end of the discussion, according to the president of the Open Source Initiative.
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What Today's Tech is Teaching Tomorrow's Workforce

The kids are all right, and they increasingly prefer Apple, Google, and open source. What will this mean for Microsoft?
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Bement to Step Down from NSF

Last week Dr. Arden Bement, Jr., Director of the National Science Foundation in the US,...
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Getting the Linux Advertising Game Face On


One of the fascinating things about the Super Bowl is not about football at all: It's about the commercials. Advertisers go all out to try to achieve 30 or 60 seconds of greatness that will create a buzz that lasts long after the Super Bowl is over. It was Apple's famed 1984 Super Bowl ad that established the company's reputation as a master of advertising and showed that a company could get far more traction out of an ad than the immediate impact.

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Linux Foundation Announces We're Linux Video Contest

The Linux Foundation has announced the launch of a second "We're Linux" video contest focused on what a "spot for the Super Bowl might look like"...
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