Extracting License Information From RPM Files and Distributions

I've noticed what seems to be a growing demand on behalf of downstream recipients of open source software to provide a list of all the licenses which can be found in the software provided.

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An Insight into Open Source Initiatives at BT

Both BT's open source innovation capability, Osmosoft, and its open source governance unit, the Open Source Operations Team, aim to operate in as transparent a man...

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Porting to Open Source--Where to Begin...

So once an entity decides to "open up" its proprietary product, what does it entail? 
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Olswang Open Source Summit

On 1st December Olswang held their third and final Open Source Summit in London. For one reason or another I'd been unable to attend the 2007 and 2008 events and was glad to last week be finally able to make it along.
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Licenses are Not the Hard Part

This week, I will have the opportunity to meet in-person with many others who have focused attention on legal aspects of FOSS. The European OpenSource & Free Software Law Event will be held in Brussels on December 9, 2009...
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