Fighting the Misconceptions of Open Source

After almost 10 years in open source, Robin Muilwijk is still fighting the misconceptions that come with working in the industry. He says the toughest part is finding the right balance between openness while continuing to promote the open source way of doing business. read more...

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Concurrent's Chris Wensel: The Open Source Path Is a Rocky Road

Big Data and open source software may be the next great unholy alliance in computing's current promised land, but open source is a broken business model that needs a better vehicle for supporting projects such as programming suites that build database applications. So argues Chris Wensel, founder and CTO of...

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Driving Better Governance With Open Source

"Ten years ago, open source—notably Linux—was often labelled a ‘fad’ or destined for the ‘hobbyist’ market,” said Mark Bohannon, Vice President for Corporate Affairs & Global Public Policy at Red Hat. "Fast forward to today. Owing not only to the benefits of the technology, but also to the benefits of...

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50 Community Building Tips from Feverbee

If you're looking for a few immediately useful actions for community building, here are 50 that might help. read more...

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Are Freeloaders Helpful or Hurtful to Open Source Communities?

Freeloaders: helpful or hurtful? Concerns are raised every once in a while in the broader free and open source software community about freeloaders. The attitude expressed is that if you're getting the benefit of FOSS, you should contribute. Building a business on a FOSS project you don't own, whether you're...

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