Four Ways Open Source Principles Can Improve Your Business

More than ever, companies are embracing the principles of open source to make major improvements, both internally and externally. Openness, transparency, democratization, and collaboration can be used to make your business a better place to work and create a better culture. Read more... read more...

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CFP: Legal and Licensing Aspects of Open Source at OWF 2011

Licensing is an important component of every free software and open source project. This is especially true as an increasing number of corporations are adopting and distributing open source applications and code. This track considers various legal and licensing aspects of open source, both from a community and a corporate...

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Dreamwidth Studios: Bringing the Corner Store to Open Source Publishing

Dreamwidth Studios' co-founder Denise Paolucci remembers growing up in a family-owned corner deli, some of whose customers had been eating there daily for decades. "They'd become part of the family, instead of faceless customers," she says. "That's stayed with me for my whole life. It's a business concept that you don't see much in today's world" — and one that Paolucci and co-founder Mark Smith decided would be part of Dreamwidth Studios' open source publishing platform from the start.

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OSS and Software Patents: If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em

Over at ars technica, Ryan Paul has a report from Eben Moglen's LinuxCon keynote. Moglen spoke about the software patent problem, particularly for free software, now that the Bilski ruling did not go as far as some had hoped. "One of the main themes of Moglen's keynote is the power...

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Interview with New Fedora Project Leader Jared Smith

Earlier this year, former Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields announced he'd be stepping down from the post and that Fedora and Red Hat were searching for a new project leader. At the end of June, Frields announced that Jared Smith would be taking up the position. Since this is a pretty important job in our community, we thought it'd be a good idea to talk with Smith and learn more about him and his plans for Fedora.

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