The Open Invention Network Launches Associate Member Program

The Open Invention Network has announced the launch of a...

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Open Economics: Inspiring Confidence Through Transparency

Market confidence is a valuable commodity in tough economic times. And governments will try just about anything to inspire some.  Recapitalization--bailouts--for struggling sectors...

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Governance Session at Open World Forum

FOSSBazaar, with the help of the QualiPSo project, have organized a governance session at Open World Forum in Paris. We'll have...

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Crowdsourcing vs. Collaboration: Which Yields Superior Results?

Lately I feel like I'm trapped in an endless loop of a certain Steve Ballmer moment, except the refrain is “crowdsourcing, crowdsourcing” on one...

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When It Comes to Security, Openness Isn't Always a Virtue - Pro: Sam Ransbotham

Ask fans of FOSS what keeps them loyal to free and open source software, and security will likely be high on the list. Ask proponents of paid, proprietary software, however,...

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