Will Microsoft Crumble In The New Era Of Tech Threats?

Recently, numerous posts have been found on the web heralding the end of Microsoft, in a world where cloud-based initiatives are gaining traction, and Microsoft is seen as not grokking the cloud...

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Google Pounds the Open Standards Drum During I/O Keynote

During the opening keynote at the Google I/O conference this morning in San Francisco, the search giant unveiled new Web technologies and reaffirmed its commitment to open standards...
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Antelink Joins FOSSBazaar

I'm very pleased to annouce that Antelink, the INRIA'spinoff I lead and cofound with Stépane Bagnier, joins FOSSBazaar community. Antelink is a software vendor. Our market position leaves little room for developing service/consulting activities. As a result, we didn’t opt for an open...
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Metaphysical Detectives and Emotional Spies

In one recent deal we were left with the thorny problem of Indemnity and who pays for it. Typically, if you are using proprietary code you are buying a pig in a poke (buying something in a black sack that the vendor says will do  the job). The case of indemnity arises if a patent troll claims o...
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How to Become Linus Torvalds

Over at The H, Glyn Moody looks at Linus Torvalds's management style, its history, and how it can be applied elsewhere. "Now, there is only one Linus, but I believe that general approach is starting t...
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