Mozilla and the Shuttleworth Foundation Seek Fellowship Applicants

Mozilla Drumbeat and the Shuttleworth Foundation have announced a joint fellowship focused on ‘education for the open web’. The Mozilla Foundation's Mark Surman says that the aim of the fellowship is to find someone with "fresh ideas on how open learning and the open web intertwine"...
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Businesses Need Clear Policies For FOSS Contributions

When many people think of contributions to free, open source software projects, the immediate image that comes to mind is an individual contributor...
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The community council has posted a response to the Free Software Foundation's alternative extension listing. "The Community Council has been asked by the FSF to give the FSF an effective veto over which extensions should be permitted to appear in this repository...
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Too Many Forges, Too Little Time

Back in the day there was one site to host an open source software project, and it was...
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Managing Open Source Risk and Keeping It Legal

From potential issues with licenses to evaluating the future development of a particular project, there are risks to consider before adopting open so...
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