Patent Trolls Come Under US Antitrust Authority Scrutiny

Cisco, Nokia and Intellectual Ventures will be taking part in informal US Department of Justice and FTC hearings on how non-practising entities, aka patent trolls, distort competition in technology markets...

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Richard Stallman Seeks to Limit the Scope of Software Patents

The founder of the Free Software Foundation proposes to defuse software patents by limiting them to "special-purpose hardware" and exempting software written for general purpose computers.

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Patent Reform: Can Preissuance Submissions Help?

While almost no one thinks that the America Invents Act (AIA) will completely solve America’s patent problems, there are a few provisions in the AIA that may be useful tools in limiting and/or preventing bad patents. One of these tools is the newly implemented Preissuance Submission procedure.

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FOSS' Fight Against China's Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome

The tide of software piracy in China may be ebbing. With the clear support of the Chinese government, several software organizations and computer firms based in Europe and the U.S. are conducting events focusing on growing open source in China. 

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Study for US Congress Outlines Options Against Patent Trolls

The H takes a look at a report from the US Congressional Research Service about patent trolling and potential fixes to the system. "According to the researchers, it is worth considering whether to generally shorten the periods of protection for software patents because the trolls file most of their litigation...

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