Software Freedom Law Show

The Software Freedom Law Show is a bi-weekly discussion show of legal issues in the FOSS world from the Software Freedom Law Center offices in New York.
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SFLC Files Amicus Brief in Jacobsen v. Katzer

The SFLC filed an amicus brief in the Jacobsen v. Katzer case.
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OASIS: New IP Policy Makes Room for Open Source

In a nod to the open source community, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) has revised its intellectual property (IP) policy to include a non-assertion mode, which means standards contributors must forego royalty claims or license rights.
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SCO vs. Linux: New Investor Rescues SCO from Bankruptcy

There has been yet another bizarre twist in the interminable saga of the legal dispute over source code allegedly illegally copied from UNIX System V into Linux...
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Freedom and Choice in Open Source Licensing: Comparing the EUPL v1.1 and the GPL v3

The European Union Public License (EUPL) version 1.1 was released and approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) on January 9, 2009... Could this possibly be a message to the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the open source community that there really is a vital, innovative world outside the borders of the United States?
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