Free Software Foundation and Cisco Settle (Quietly) Open Source Copyright Infringement Dispute

Last December, the Free Software Foundation, with great fanfare, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Trimming the FAT: Linux and Patents

The TomTom case exposed a long-simmering problem resulting from the combination of patents, proprietary software companies and open source. Andrew Tridgell recently patched Linux's VFAT implementation, but the cult of silence that surrounds intellectual property will bedevil open source projects fo...
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SCO to fight US bankruptcy trustee's motion to liquidate it

SCO, the dying Utah UNIX vendor, could finally be headed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation. The US Trustee representing the Justice Department in SCO's bankruptcy proceedings has filed a motion to dissolve the company, asserting that its repeated attempts at reorganization have failed and that it has practically no hope of recovering. CEO Darl McBride says that SCO intends to fight the motion.
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U.S. Trustee Moves to Convert SCO Bankruptcy to Chapter 7

Here it is, the moment many of you have been waiting for: the U.S. Trustee's office, through its counsel Joseph J. McMahon, Jr., has filed a motion in the SCO bankruptcy proceeding to convert the SCO's Chapter 11 to Chapter 7.
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EUPL recommended in the Netherlands for public administration

OSOR reports that the Dutch government's resource centre on open source and open standards recommends that public administrations that publish open source applications use the EUPL...
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