Salesforce, Microsoft, and Patent 'Alley Thugs'

Marc Benioff,'s CEO, uses an earnings call to diss Microsoft and its patent lawsuit.
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End Software Patents Collecting Names of On-the-Fence Decision Makers

End Software Patents is anticipating the US Supreme Court decision in the Bilski case and is collecting names of people that would be good to send a copy of...
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Google Backs Open Codec Against Patent Trolls

'Very confident' in face of Jobsian FUD Google I/O  Google is "very confident" that the newly open-sourced VP8 video codec will stand up to the sort of patent attack Steve Jobs warned of...
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HTC Files Patent Complaint Against Apple, Asks for Ban on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

We'd been wondering how and when...
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H.264, Patent Licensing, and You

Engadget tries to clarify the patent situation around the H.264 codec. "So the real choice for most companies is to sign up with H.264 and the MPEG-LA in return for a baseline level of legal pro...
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