Villa: A Community of FOSS Lawyers?

Louis Villa writes about the emerging FOSS legal community on "Despite all that, the FOSS law community is still growing- which is a testament to the power of the collaborative model. To me, the heart of the test...
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Jury Deliberating UNIX Ownership in Ongoing SCO Trial

Jury deliberating UNIX ownership...
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Google Denied Trademark for Nexus One

It looks like some of Google's attorneys will have some explaining to do now that the USPTO says the Nexus trademark belongs to a telco from Oregon.
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SCO vs. Linux: From the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court

In the trial at the Court of Appeals, the dispute about whether it is SCO or Novell who owns the copyrights to Unix is taking a new turn...
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Sun Fended Off Apple, Microsoft Patent Threats

Steve Jobs personally threatened to sue Sun Microsystems, Jonathan Schwartz said. Sun warded off that and a Microsoft threat with its own patent portfolio.
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