Licensing Standards that Include Code: Heads or Tails?

Once upon a time, standards were standards and open source software was open source software (OSS)...

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​Some Patents Become Less Troll Friendly

A Department of Justice decision will make it harder for holders of some standards essential patents to clog up the courts with patent lawsuits.

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Top 5: Legal Issues in Open Source in 2014

The most-read articles this year on demonstrated a strong interest in the changing aspects of complicated issues. For example, the top two stories this year both relate to a complex series of cases involving a dispute between Versata and Aperiprise surrounding alleged violations of the GNU General Public License...

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US Supreme Court Rules Against Software Patents

In April, LWN reported on the case of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International, which addresses the issue of whether ideas implemented in software are patentable. The ruling [PDF] is now in: a 9-0 decision against patentability. "We hold that the claims at issue are drawn to the abstract idea...

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Microsoft's Android Patents Will Face Challenges

After the Chinese government revealed the patents that Microsoft uses to obtain licenses from Android phone manufacturers, we can expect to see these patents to face many challenges.

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