How to Avoid Modern Day Public GPL Floggings

Sounds simple, really. Publish the source — which is basically just a copy of the source you downloaded from whatever project that used it — along with the changes...


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Europe Drops Microsoft Antitrust Case Over Browsers

European regulators dropped the case after Microsoft agreed to offer customers a choice of Web browsers, ending what could have been a costly legal battle for Microsoft.
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SFLC Hammers GPL Violators

Linux is everywhere, but it's not always properly licensed and the Software Freedom Law Center is lowering the boom on GPL violations by more than a dozen companies including Best Buy, Samsung, Westinghouse, and JVC.
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Windows 7 Tool Gets GPL v2 Makeover

Microsoft reposted its Windows 7 download tool online yesterday, after yanking it off the internet last month after coughing to violating a series of GNU General Public Licence (GPL) terms.
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Sun Leaves License Behind

One of the biggest headaches in the Open Source world is the myriad of licenses available , many of which are incompatible with one another...
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