Free Software Foundation Comes to an Agreement with PayPal

The Free Software Foundation has thanked PayPal for resolving a problem with its terms and conditions when applied to free software projects...

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Keep Cool Over Open Source License Violations

Shortly before I wrote my post about responsible disclosure of open source licensing violations, Bradley Kuhn (of the Software Freedom Conservancy and Software Freedom Law Center) wrote a post of his own about the same subject.

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Open Source License Debate

The Free and Open Source Software Learning Center hosted a debate between representatives for three different open source license alternatives. I was asked to participate as one of the debaters, presenting my view of the advantages of the BSD license.
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Let's Have Responsible Disclosure For Open Source Violations

Last week brought news about Microsoft inadvertently using open source code in one of their binary-only tools -- code that had to be redistributed with the tool itself.
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The Convenient Fiction That Microsoft is Evil

For many within the open-source community, it's easier to hate Microsoft than to engage it. This is a mistake, and won't help open source solve its own problems.
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