IBM Claims Patents Promote Open-Source Love

Hits factory spin Open source and software patents are generally regarded as two things that go together like peanut butter and a punch to the face
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Why Did Microsoft Sell Off 22 ‘Linux-Related` Patents?

What was Microsoft's motive in selling off 22 patents purportedly relating to Linux?
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SCO Group Gets Key Ruling in Appeals Court

The long six-year legal saga of The SCO Group Inc. was recharged a bit last week when an appeals court overturned four critical August 2007 rulings that had seemingly put the brakes on the company's legal case against Novell Inc.

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Mozilla to EC: Microsoft Getting Off Too Easy

As Microsoft and the European Commission talk settlement, Mozilla says it wants more detailed promises from the software titan.
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Microsoft, Open-Source Community Could Both Avoid Lawsuit Damage

When a U.S. District Court judge in Texas ruled that Microsoft had violated an XML-related patent held by i4i, a small Canadian company, the verdict seemed to potentially threaten both Microsoft and the open-source community.

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