Open-Source Legal Education Comes to OSCON

If you're an open-source developer, OSCON is the closest you'll come to Mecca, whatever your religious persuasion.
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Licensing 101 for Open Source Projects--Pick a License

Part I dealt with the impact your licensing choice can have on the use of the code you write. This part II focuses on how your choice of license impacts your ability to incorporate third party code (whether from third party programs or third party contributions).

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Open-Source Extremism, And How the OSI Can Help

One of the profound failings of the open-source movement is how insular it has allowed its ideology to be.
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Free/Open Source Law Journal Launched

The "International Free and Open Source Software Law Review" aims to answer legal questions around free and open source software licences...
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Licensing 101 for Open Source Projects: Choosing an Open Source License

The most important thing for your open source project’s success is obviously good and useful code. Licensing, however, can make or break  your project as well.
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