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HP Unveils Four New Android-Powered Slate Tablets

The offerings include the Slate 7 Extreme, a version of Nvidia's Tegra Note, and the Slate 8 with an ultra-high-resolution screen. The Slate 7 HD and Slate 10 HD come with two free years of T-Mobile data service.

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Ubuntu's Smartphone OS Will Be Ready to Launch on October 17th

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone may have missed its crowdfunding goal by a huge amount, but the Ubuntu Touch operating system is far from dead — it now has a planned release date of October 17th. That's according to a blog postfrom Canonical employee and QA community coordinator Nicholas Skaggs, who said that Ubuntu...

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Android Fork Cyanogen Back in the News as a New Company

All the way back in 2009, when Android was still ramping up as a mobile platform, we covered a significant spat between Google and a developer named Steve Kondik. Kondik's Cyanogenmod software framework was a modified Android ROM that angered Google because it included a number of proprietary Google applications, such as GMail and YouTube. The dispute ended with some agreements, but Cyanogenmod continued on, and now the Android firmware project CyanogenMod is a brand new company, thanks to a $7 million Series A financing round led by Silicon Valley venture firms Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures. The company's blog announcement says: "People were coming out of nowhere to work on this project. Google completely decimated an entire sector of industry by releasing Android as open...

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Samsung Tizen and LG Firefox OS Phones Coming Soon?

Following the appearance of leaked photos showing Tizen 3.0 running on Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 phone, new rumors say the upcoming Galaxy S 5 smartphone will be available in both Android and Tizen versions. Meanwhile, an LG D300g phone uncovered in the FCC database suggest the first LG Firefox OS...

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Nvidia's Blueprint for the Perfect $199 Android Tablet

Last year, the Nexus 7 set a new bar for Android tablets, bringing unheard-of performance and quality to a $199 price point. Part of the credit for that success belongs to Nvidia, whose Kai program was responsible for driving down the cost of components. Continue reading…...

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