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Google Closes Deal on Motorola Mobility [In Brief]

Google's CEO, Larry Page, has announced that Google has officially acquired Motorola Mobility. The process started last August but the deal is now done. Google hasn't made a statement about what exactly they plan on doing with this acquisition, but he does introduce Motorola Mobility's new CEO, Google employee Dennis...

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Samsung Galaxy S III Edges Closer to T-Mobile, AT&T

The Bluetooth SIG indicates the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming to T-Mobile, AT&T. [Read more]...

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Google to Close Motorola Mobility Deal by Wednesday

Thanks to China finally giving its stamp of approval, Motorola Mobility says its acquisition by Google can now close. [Read more]...

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ZTE Admits to Backdoor in one of its Android Devices

The Chinese handset maker included a program with a hard-coded password in its ZTE Score smartphone which gives root access. The backdoor was discovered after a user posted the credentials on Pastebin...

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Windows Phone Edging Out iPhone in China, says Microsoft

Windows Phone has inched past the iPhone at ekeing out market share in the lucrative Chinese market. [Read more]...

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