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Within HP, Palm Still Driving New WebOS Devices

Palm, in many ways the godfather of the smartphone revolution, is continuing to push new mobile devices based on webOS after its acquisition at the hands of HP.

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Embedded Linux Platform Ships for MIPS Multicore SoCs

Mentor Graphics is shipping a version of its Mentor Embedded Linux development platform supporting networking applications developed on NetLogic Microsystems' MIPS-based multicore, multithreaded system-on-chips (SoCs). The Mentor platform, which is available in a free & Essentials& version as well as a commercial version, supports the XLR and XLS families today,...

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MeeGo Conference 2010 Wrap-Up

The MeeGo project was formed only eight months ago, when Intel and Nokia announced that they were merging their two portable device distributions, Moblin and Maemo, into a single, unified "MeeGo Core" on top of which companies can built embedded Linux devices. As recently as this summer, there was still trepidation among development community members about how that merger would go — combining two code bases is never easy, much less two user and developer communities and two corporate projects. Nevertheless, when the first MeeGo Conference opened its doors in Dublin, Ireland on Monday, there were nearly 1200 attendees — double the original estimate.

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The Natural Evolution of Building Embedded Linux

The thing I love about engineers and working with engineers is that they rarely leave well enough alone. Particularly software engineers. They work with computers every day. Any kind of activity which is repetitive and boring is perfect to farm out to a computer. Imagine a carpenter who is able to improve the efficiency and speed of their hammers, power saws and drills by incrementally tweaking them or redesigning them every day. 

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Netflix Coming to Android Theater, But Maybe Not Near You

Movie-streaming service says lack of a platform-wide copyright-protection mechanism for Android means some devices will get Netflix, others won't.

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